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SuperMask is a 100% Polyurethane foam mask that is used as a consumer/lifestyle mask to protect against environmental pollution, dust, pollen and some PM 2.5 particles. It is not to be confused for a surgical mask or other clinical use products

No mask can protect 100% against viruses and disease.

As advised by medical professionals, masks can serve as a form of protection by limiting exposure and contact to your face as well as blocking out water droplets when you cough or sneeze. It is effective when worn as intended and used in combination with frequent hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitisers.

SuperMask is a consumer/lifestyle mask that offers some protective functions but it is not a surgical mask nor intended for clinical use. Surgical masks offer protection in a hospital and medical context but is limited by their one-time usage and needs to be disposed after every use. SuperMask, on the other hand, aims to strike a balance between general purpose usage and reusability.

SuperMask can be washed and reused for more than 3 times. Gentle usage and care can greatly prolong its usage lifespan.

Hand wash using a mild detergent and leave it to dry away from direct sunlight. SuperMask should be washed daily, after about 8 hours of usage.

Sure, you can use an alcohol disinfectant to cleanse your mask. Just be sure it isn’t a hand sanitizer as they may leave residues, and allow it to fully dry before using again. Be sure to disinfect both sides of the mask.

Due to the uniform and fine microcell pore size of our foam, SuperMasks is able to provide a degree of water resistance and protection against water droplets.

By undergoing a process of reticulation, SuperMask’s foam is converted into a porous yet complex mesh-like filtration cell structure that effectively traps and filters particles while allowing breathability. This allows protection against environmental pollution, dust, pollen and some PM2.5 particles.

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