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Architect Dancer.

Meet Jonathan T,

T-Shirt, ReDefined.


The Next Generation T-Shirt That Does It All.

Keeps you cool, keeps your skin healthy, never stains, never smells and never loses its magic!

From breakfast to the boardroom and to an afternoon jog, the CORI SUPERTEETM has got you covered. All of its features make for a uniquely comfortable T-shirt that you can wear literally anywhere. It stays fresh as you transition from the airport to the airplane, to the cab and straight to exploring.

Cooling Effect | Anti-Odour | Stain Resistant | Collagen Infused

Mask, ReDefined.


Reusable & Washable. Biocompatible Foam Technology.

Our patent-pending dual layer design enables a snug fit and protection against environmental pollution, PM2.5 particles, and up to 99% of pollen.

The CORI SUPERMASKTM can be washed and reused, reducing waste and the need for single-use protective face masks.

Note: This is a reusable consumer mask, and not a disposable medical-related/surgical mask.

Travel Pillow, ReDefined.


World’s 1st Customisable SuperPillow That ADAPTS To You

A fashionable functional pillow you can use literally anywhere!

With it’s revolutionary modular design, you can arrange the ultra-comfy cushions anyway you’d like to create your own unique travel pillow that is custom-fitted just for you. Offering unmatched support, comfort and portability with plush memory foam and silky soft fabrics, CORI SUPERPILLOWTM guarantees you’ll be nodding off in no time.

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