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Keeps you cool, keeps your skin healthy, never stains, never smells and never loses its magic.

Cooling Effect | Anti-Odour | Stain-Resistant | Collagen Infused

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Super Versatile And
Great For Travel

From breakfast to the boardroom and to an afternoon jog, the CORI SUPERTEETM has got you covered. All of its features make for a uniquely comfortable T-shirt that you can wear literally anywhere.

It’s also what makes the SuperTee perfect for travel. It stays fresh as you transition from the airport to the airplane, to the cab and straight to exploring.

CORI Super Tee Travel

With Our Proprietary Blend Of Fabrics

CORI SuperTee Fabric Blend

Lab & Life Tested

A premium T-shirt with incredible features

Stain Repellant

Accidental coffee spill? A little red wine mishap? Forgot to put on your bib? No worries – with CORI SUPERTEETM, spills and stains roll right off.



Thanks to the infused collagen that acts as a natural deodoriser, CORI SUPERTEETM is breathable and stink-free. And its antimicrobial action inhibits bacteria growth. That means whether it’s smoke, sweat, or your favourite fast food joint, your shirt won’t smell like any of it.

CORI Super Tee Odour Test


A special dual layer makes sure that heat stays out and you stay cool, keeping you comfortable all day long. Experience an immediate cooling effect when you first put on CORI SUPERTEETM.

CORIUM Cool InfraRed Test

Cares For Your Skin

From changing climates to drying plane cabin conditions, traveling can wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry, itchy and irritated. Infused with skin-rejuvenating and skin-regenerative marine collagen, CORI SUPERTEETM helps keep your skin soft and moisturized.

Dynamic Stretch

Jump, climb, dance or just chill. We’re making sure you’ve got total freedom of movement.

UPF50+ Protection

UPF is the fabric equivalent of SPF. Most T-shirts only offer up to UPF7. We provide UPF50+ protection. So any area covered by CORI SUPERTEETM protects you against harmful UV rays.

CORI SuperTee UPF 50 Protection


CORI SUPERTEETM is naturally anti-static. ‘Cause those shocks and static clinging are the worst.

CORI SuperTee Anti Static

Available in
Short-and-Long Sleeve

The CORI SUPERTEETM comes in male and female sizes in the short sleeve style, and unisex sizes in the long sleeve style.

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