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Cori Traveller

Designed For Travellers, With Travellers

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World's 1st Modular Travel Pillow

Say hello to the CORI TRAVELLER Pillow, the ultimate trifecta of compactibility, support and comfort.

Palm Size

Measuring a mere 12cm in diameter, the CORI TRAVELLER Pillow rolls into a ball that fits your palm.

Revolutionary Modular Design

Design intent caters to all travellers with different needs and preferences, allowing customisation for a unique support with the travel pillow.

Perfect Snug

Snuggle in comfort with our specially formulated memory foam paired with high quality fabric and accessories.


Patent pending.

Customisable Configuration

Comprises of 3 separate modular components; “Bobby” (the short cushion), “Leonard” (the tall cushion) and the “Couch” (the holding strap). Decide how you want them to "sit". Your imagination is your limit.

Portable Travel Companion

Ultra compact and lightweight design. Simply roll hook and go!

Child Friendly

Support your child’s developing neck with CORI TRAVELLER Pillow while travelling.

Pre-Order Now On Indiegogo!

Pre-Order Now


Inspired by the art of modern origami where clever design meets impeccable attention to details, CORI TRAVELLER stands for quality travel essentials.

CORI TRAVELLER seeks to work with travel enthusiasts globally to continue defining solutions travellers can carry whenever, wherever they go. The idea is to give every unique individual the joy and happiness they deserve while travelling, with clever, reliable and stylish creations.

CORI TRAVELLER. Designed for travellers, with travellers.

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