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Meet CORI ✈️ The World's 1st Customisable Travel Pillow that ADAPTS to you

The CORI Travel Pillow is the ultimate solution to support your neck in a neutral alignment while traveling.

With it’s revolutionary modular design, you can arrange the ultra-comfy cushions anyway you’d like to create your own unique travel pillow that is custom-fitted just for you. Offering unmatched support, comfort and portability with plush memory foam and silky soft fabrics, CORI guarantees you’ll be nodding off in no time.

CORI All Round Support
CORI Front Support
CORI Side Support
Palm Size Portability

Palm Size Portability

Measures a mere 12cm when rolled

Ultra Lightweight & Compact

Ultra Lightweight & Compact

Weighs only 230g

Ergonomic Cervical Support

Ergonomic Cervical Support

Improves posture by keeping head and neck in neutral position

Headphone Friendly

Headphone Friendly

Compatible with all accessories

Fun, Vibrant Colours

Fun, Vibrant Colours

Available in different colours to suit your personality

Removable, Washable Covers

Removable, Washable Covers

Simply remove covers and wash as needed

Silky Soft Fabric

Breathable, Cooling and Silky Soft for luxurious comfort

Perfect Recovery Memory Foam

Specially formulated foam for comfortable cushioning and firm support

Smart Fastening System

Designed with skin-friendly, smooth hooks without compromising fastening strength

High Durability Strap

Tested for high tensile strength for maximum support

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